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Learn over 100 fantastic words to use instead of love. A clause huidzorg subject verb, at minimum. Subordinate conjunctions, relative pronouns, or relative adverbs will keep a clause from expressing a complete thought. Ramune is widely known for the distinctive design of its bottle, often called Codd- neck bottles after the inventor, hiram Codd. They are made of glass and sealed with. "Het zijn positieve, constructieve doelen om je geld aan te besteden. "Een hond wordt niet agressief geboren. "Human eye spots single photons". "Glam Lipstick by mac: About". "I was able to get that fastball in there for a big strikeout and was able to get out of there with no damage.".

another word for neck

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Neck - traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. Neck definition, the part of the body of an animal or human being that connects the head and the trunk. neck - translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. In face linguistics, a word is the smallest element that can be uttered in isolation with objective huid or practical meaning. This contrasts deeply with a morpheme, which. Able to breathe easily again - to be able to relax after a busy and stressful time. I was able to breathe easily again when i knew that I would not miss. Synonyms for region at m with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for region. What's another word for love?

another word for neck

neck a neck to ankle dress a pain in the neck a rubbery neck a turned in neck trim a voluminous blouse with a high neck and full, flowing sleeves back board and neck collar - medical Back neck shid to shid. grammar Breaking one's neck breath breathe down my neck breathe - breathing down my neck. Breathe down someone's neck Breathing down my neck breathing down your neck breathing down your neck Broke their neck bump-out / neck-down Bumps in your neck/breast? Chapita (little piece of metal hanging on a chain around your neck) collar/neck (shirt) Crack your back/knuckles/neck Crew neck t-shirts. Visit the Spanish-English Forum. Help WordReference: Ask in the forums yourself. Discussions about 'neck' in the English Only forum see google Translate's machine translation of 'neck'. In other languages: French Italian portuguese romanian german dutch Swedish russian polish czech Greek turkish Chinese japanese korean Arabic.

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Save sb's neck (rescue sb) ( coloquial ) salvar a alguien el pellejo scoop neck (clothing) cuello redondo nm adj the scruff of the neck (back of animal's neck) cogote pescuezo paul gently picked up the kitten by the scruff of its neck. The scruff of the neck, the scruff of his/her neck (person: collar) ( figurado ) cogote, pescuezo cuello The teacher picked Oscar up by the scruff of his neck and hauled him to the headmaster's office. Stick your neck out (do sth risky) ( coloquial ) jugarse el pellejo jugarse la vida stiff neck (pain or difficulty moving one's neck) tortícolis After sitting near a draughty window I had a stiff neck. Estuve sentado en una corriente de aire y me dio tortícolis. Sweetbread, neck sweetbread, throat sweetbread often plural (animal glands eaten as food) mollejas turtleneck, turtleneck collar (us polo-neck, polo neck (UK) (rolled-down collar) cuello alto nm adj cuello de cisne, cuello cisne cuello de tortuga cuello vuelto Sweaters with turtlenecks zeelandnet make caleb feel constricted and. Turtleneck sweater (us turtleneck jumper, polo-neck jumper, polo-neck sweater (UK) informal (sweater with a rolled-down collar) jersey de cuello alto nm loc adj ( ar ) polera cuello cisne ( mx ) suéter de cuello de tortuga with his turtleneck jumper, william looks like. V neck, v-neck (clothing: V-shaped neckline) cuello en v cuello v this pullover has a v neck. V neck, v-neck (clothing: top with V-shaped neckline) camiseta con cuello en v, camiseta con cuello v ( ar ) remera con cuello en v dave was wearing a v neck. V-neck, v-necked (clothing: top with V-shaped neckline) con cuello en v con cuello v i bought Sam a v-neck sweater for his birthday. V-neck shirt (clothing: top with V-shaped neckline) ( ar ) remera escote en V nf loc adj These v-neck shirts are available vervolgopleiding in white or blue. Playera con escote en V nf loc adj win by a neck (horse-racing: win narrowly) ganar por una cabeza ( figurado ) ganar por una cabeza, ganar por un pelo The horse he backed won by a neck. What an exciting race!

Pain in the neck figurative, slang (source of annoyance) incordio filling out the forms for my recent insurance claim was a real pain in the neck. Llenar los formularios para reclamar mi seguro fue un verdadero incordio. ( es, vulgar ) jodienda Llenar los formularios para reclamar mi seguro fue una verdadera jodienda. Estorbo Llenar los formularios para reclamar mi seguro fue un verdadero estorbo. Lata Llenar los formularios para reclamar mi seguro fue una verdadera lata. Fastidio rollo Llenar las formas para reclamar mi seguro fue un verdadero fastidio. Polo neck uk (high turtleneck collar) cuello polar se compró un cuello polar para usar en pleno invierno. ( pr ) cuello alto ( voz inglesa ) turtle neck ( es ) cuello cisne Odio los jerséis de cuello cisne. Cuello de tortuga El cuello de tortuga es ideal para los fríos días del invierno. Cuello de polera roll-neck, rollneck (garment: with folded collar) ( ropa ) de cuello alto joseph bought a roll-neck jumper. Roll-neck, rollneck, roll neck (collar: folded over) ( ropa ) cuello alto nm adj This sweater has a roll neck.

Neck - english-Spanish Dictionary

Hasta el último salto, los caballos iban a la par. Neck guard (sport: padded protector for the neck) protector cervical All ice hockey players should haarband wear a neck guard to protect themselves. Neck of lamb (cut of young sheep's meat) cuello de cordero, cogote de cordero i bought a neck of lamb to make a stew. Neck of the woods figurative (area, locale) parte del mundo Stop by and see me the next time you're in my neck of the woods. Pasá a visitarme la próxima vez que estés por esta parte del mundo. Lares Pasá a visitarme la próxima vez que estés por estos lares. Pagos Pasá a visitarme la próxima vez que estés por estos pagos. Neck warmer (cowl or short scarf) bufanda This neck warmer is ideal for all outdoor activities. Neck yoke (carrying apparatus worn over shoulders) yugo, arnés The farmer used a neck yoke to harness two oxen together. Necktie us (tie worn around the neck) corbata i won't work in an office that requires me to wear a necktie. No voy a trabajar en una oficina que me exija usar corbata. another word for neck

Con la mente si hicieras un poco más de trabajo con la mente no tendrías que sudar tanto. Halter-neck (style of women's shirt) ( ropa: sin espalda ni mangas ) con escote halter lauren is wearing a halter-neck dress. Halter-neck (women's shirt) ( ropa: sin espalda ni mangas ) escote halter The blouse has a halter neck. Halterneck, halter neck (clothing: strap around neck) tira que se ata al cuello This bikini has a halterneck. El bikini tiene una tira que se ata al cuello. Neck and neck (competitors: even) a la par These two candidates are neck and neck for the job. Estos dos candidatos están a la par. Parejos This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Están muy parejos, sugiero que se les otorgue el premio compartido. Cabeza a cabeza donna this sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Para mí los dos se ubican cabeza a cabeza, ninguno tiene nada que envidiarle al otro. Neck and neck (competitors: even) a la par ( AmL ) parejo/a ir al mismo ritmo Until to the last lap, the horses were running neck and neck.

Neck, define, neck

Breathe down sb's neck (monitor closely) vigilar etos de cerca a estar encima de breathe down sb's neck (be close behind sb) tener a alguien pegado cowl neck (clothing: style of loose neckline) cuello vuelto holgado cuello chimenea tania is knitting a sweater with a cowl. Cowl_neck (having loose style of neckline) holgado/a chimenea note : A hyphen is used when the term is an adjective cowl-neck dresses are very fashionable this year. Crane your neck (stretch your neck to see sth) estirar el cuello They craned their necks to try to get a glimpse of the princess. Crew neck (neckline: round) cuello redondo The t-shirt had a crew neck as opposed to a v neck la remera tenía un cuello redondo en vez de un cuello. Crew neck (top: rounded neckline) ( ar ) remera, camiseta because it was his day off, he threw on a crew neck instead of a collared shirt. Como era su día libre, se puso una remera en vez de una camisa. Crick in your neck (neck cramp) calambre from the neck up informal (mentally, psychologically) de la cabeza from the neck up she's fine, but she has a lot of medical problems. De la cabeza está bien, pero tiene muchos problemas médicos. ( figurado ) del cuello para arriba del cuello para arriba está bien, pero tiene muchos problemas médicos. ( coloquial ) del coco del coco está bien, pero tiene muchos problemas médicos. From the neck up (in the mind alone, excluding the body) con la cabeza if you would do a little more work from the neck up, you would not have to sweat so hard. Si hicieras un poco más de trabajo con la cabeza no tendrías que sudar tanto.

another word for neck

WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Compound Forms: a millstone around your neck (us a millstone round your neck (UK) figurative (burden: mental or emotional) una mochila en la espalda una cruz a cuestas boat neck (clothing) cuello bote break your neck (fracture a neck bone) desnucarse. This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Se desnucó con el real golpe. Break your neck figurative (make effort) ( coloquial baku ) partirse el alma This project is so much work; i've been breaking my neck all week and I still don't feel like i'm getting anywhere! ( coloquial ) partirse el lomo muy bonito! Yo partiéndome el lomo en el trabajo y tú acá con tus videojuegos. ( ar, coloquial ) romperse el lomo yo me tengo que romper el lomo laburando para que no le falte nada a mis hijos. ( es, coloquial ) dejarse los cuernos me he dejado los cuernos estudiando, pero al final he suspendido. Dejar todo, dejarlo todo ( mx, vulgar ) partirse la madre tú te la pasas todo el día jugando dominó con tus amigotes mientras yo me parto la madre trabajando 12 horas diarias. Break your neck to do sth figurative (make effort) ( coloquial ) partirse el lomo para hacer algo, partirse el alma para hacer algo, partirse la madre para hacer alg romperse el lomo para hacer algo we broke our necks to get our candidate elected.

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Ver También: Settings: Click on word: gets translation does nothing, recent searches: Links: WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Principal Translations neck (body part: top of spine) cuello, his neck hurt from bending it all day. Le dolía el best cuello de doblarlo todo el día. Neck (narrow part at top of a bottle) cuello, the neck broke when he tried to open the beer bottle by hitting it on a rock. El cuello de la botella se quebró cuando intentó abrirla golpeándolo contra una piedra. Neck (opening at top of garment) cuello, the neck of the shirt was too small. El cuello de la camisa era muy pequeño. Neck (narrow part of a guitar) ( guitarra ) cuello, the neck of the electric guitar is made of maple. El cuello de la guitarra eléctrica está hecho de arce. Additional Translations neck informal (hug and kiss) ( coloquial ) besuquearse (. Ar, cr, coloquial ) apretarse es, coloquial ) achucharse, the teens were seen necking behind the stadium seats. Vieron a los jóvenes lotion besuqueándose detrás de las graderías del estadio. Vieron a los muchachos apretándose detrás de las graderías del estadio.

Another word for neck
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The slender part near the top of a bottle, vase, or similar object. Any narrow, connecting, or projecting part suggesting the neck of an animal. A narrow strip of land, as an isthmus or a cape.

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See more synonyms on. The part of the body of an animal or human being that connects the head and the trunk. The part of a garment encircling, partly covering, or closest to the neck; neckline. The length of the neck of a horse or other animal as a measure in racing.

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